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Cyrus Pynn presents
Cydeshow Cy
The Sword Swallower


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Sword Swallowing

The oldest trick in the book.

Except it's not a trick, it's for real!

Down the Hatch without a Scratch

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Juggling? Whips? Stilts?

Or maybe the taste calls for Animal Traps or Human Blockhead?

The list goes on, inquire within

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My acts may be dangerous but laughs will replace your gasps.

Expect Quick Wit and Dad Jokes



Theme your Show!

Pirates, Circus, Steampunk, Victorian, Vintage and More!

Sword Fights also available!


Knife Throwing

Blades thrown around a courageous and willing assistant.

Way to get the point across



Fire Eating, Fire Breathing, Fire Juggling. All audiences agree fire doesn't just add heat, it adds spice!

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Cyrus Pynn?

It's not a question of How, it's a question of Why.

And if you ask Cyrus why he performs the feats he does, the reply is always the same.

"People will watch and I don't want to work a 9 to 5"

Cyrus has a BA in Theatre and an arsenal of bladed weapons. Put those together and you have some Cutting Edge Entertainment. Swords, Knives, Whips; easy to confuse Passion with Obsession in Cyrus' case, and rightly so. He's a man of skill, a man of danger, and some would say....a complete lunatic. Particularly in his mastery of the skill of Sword Swallowing. 

Despite his seemingly masochistic stunts, Cyrus strives for one thing the most. The Entertainment of Others. At the end of the day as long as the audience has enjoyed the show he considers his job well done. Even at the risk of his own well-being.

Welcome to my site, let's put on a great show!


Seen In




Weddings and Birthdays

Make your special day memorable with a performance!

Want a Roaming Stilt Walker about the dance floor? Or a thrilling Sword Swallowing Show during reception?


Contact below for a quote!

Theater/Bar/Club Cruise Shows

What kind of a show are you putting on? Variety? Magic? Burlesque? My acts are fit for any show. Always including dangerous feats and comedic banter.


Contact below for a quote!

Private Parties and Corporate Events

Wanting to spice up your private event? Give your guests an exciting spectacle such as a Knife Throwing Show. Perhaps have an ambient Juggler or Fire Breather at the entrance.


Contact below for a quote

Fairs and Festival

Perfect for Renaissance Faires!

Stage show consisting of various Circus/Sideshow skills leading up to the Sword Swallowing main event. Comedic banter accompanies the stunts making the show fit for any audience.

Knife Throwing Show also available


Contact below for a quote!

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